Since 2001

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Converting a vintage Sony SCARA robot into a 3d printer (Summer 2014) NEW!

Bringing a vintage Shizuoka CNC Mill back to life (Fall 2009)

Shrapnel CNC mill construction (Summer 2008)

Building a high-speed spindle for my CNC mill.

Automatic Tool Changer (Fall 2004)

CNC Milling (Winter 2005)

High-speed PCB drilling spindle (Spring 2004)

Ultimate CNC router: IG-88 (Summer 2003)

Shaft End Support(SES) (Spring 2003)

CNC router: TK421 (Winter 2003)

Home brew linear bearings (HBLB) success and failure...(Fall 2002)

Printed Circuit Board Milling Machine (Fall 2001)

X/Y Table (2000)