Building the IG-88 CNC Router


The IG-88 will combine all of the best homebuilt technology that my garage has to offer including HBLB linear bearing system, ground stainless ways, 300oz/in Bipolar motors, IMS Bipolar micro-step drivers, Precision ACME lead screws with AB nuts, Y-axis uprights and lots of other cool home-cast parts.

Tech Specs

X Travel: 24" 
Y Travel: 18" 
Z Travel: 4"  
Ways: 3/4" ground stainless with HBLB system
Lead Screws: 1/2-10" Acme 
Nut: Homemade Delrin A/B nut. 
Motors: 300 oz-in Bipolar Nema23
Controller: 3 Axis Bipolar IMS drives
Power Supply: 24v 10a
Jog Rate: 150-175IPM depending on PS voltage

Phase Ten: First test runs on the IG-88. (9/27/04)

Phase Nine: Casting the Z-axis carriage. (8/20/04)

Phase Eight: Finishing the X-axis. (12/28/03)

Phase Seven: Building the table top. (12/13/03)

Phase Six: X and Y axes taking shape! (11/28/03)

Phase Five: Building the monster 8" HBLB's (11/01/03)

Phase Four: CNC cutting the patterns for the y axis uprights. (10/17/03)

Phase Three: Bulding the base frame. (09/24/03)

Phase Two: Laying out and building the x-axis ways. (09/22/03)

Phase One: Casting the Heavy Duty HBLB's for the Y-Axis. (08/13/03)