Phase eight: Finishing the X-axis.


I had to make a custom ACME tap to complete the X-axis. I did this by hacking off a hunk of ACME and then chucking it in the lathe and putting a taper on it. I then ground slots into the ACME with my grinder. The tap worked very well in the plastic that I used for the AB-nut. We'll see how the nut holds up under use, but I suspect that it will last for quite a while.


It is hard to see, but you can just make out the ACME threads that I cut into this block of poly.


Here is the support end of the X-axis lead screw. I used a ball bearing that is held captive by the large washer. A nut on the front takes all of the pressure off of the motor.


Here you can see how the nut holds the screw tight to the inner race of the bearing, eliminating thrust loading on the motor.


A fine shot of how the poly AB nut is fixed to the X-axis carriage.


To make this qualify for a true hardware store cnc machine, I used framing angle plates for the motor mount and lead screw mount.


I also finished the other HBLB for the Y-axis. I still have some work to do on Y, but it is shaping up.


A shot of the internals of the IG-88. The welds are a bit rough, but it has been at least a year since I tig welded anything. Excuses, excuses...


What a fine looking pile of metal and MDF! The IG-88 is turning into a rather cool looking monster.


I got lucky with the two Y-axis HBLB's. They just barely cleared each other. Phew!


Another look at the underside of the IG-88.