Building the Shrapnel CNC milling machine



Well, it's time again. I need a CNC mill in the garage for at least three important reasons:

Why Shrapnel you ask and not another Star Wars Droid name? Well, the kids are really into Star Wars and so am I, but it is time for something different. I like Transformers too and since this machine will hopefully be able to transform into a CNC foam cutter as well, I thought that a Transformer name would be appropriate. Yeah Shrapnel is a Decepticon and no one likes them, but this was the closest name to something that is going to be generating loads of tiny metal particles delivered at a high rate of speed.

I'm actually building two Shrapnels in parallel (at least kind of). My friend Greg is sponsoring a bunch of the parts on the machines so he will take ownership of Shrapnel #2 with a fancy, brand-new Arcsin at the helm. Can't wait to make some chips!

Tech Specs

X Travel: 14" 
Y Travel: 20" 
Z Travel: 4"  
Ways: Linear Ball Bearings
Lead Screws: 1/2-10" Acme 
Nut: Homemade Delrin A/B nut. 
Motors: 300 oz-in Bipolar Nema23
Controller: Arcsin!
Power Supply: 24v 10a
Really, really need flood coolant this time around, so this should be interesting to figure out.
Jog Rate: 150-175IPM depending on PS voltage

Phase One: Laying out the X axis (6/16/08)

Phase Two: Laying out the Y and Z axes. (9/19/08)

Phase Three: Z axis completion and Arcsin wiring. (10/18/08)

Building the spindle. (11/29/08)