Automatic Tool Changer


I'm having lots of fun with my IG-88 CNC router, but I'm learning that I need an automatic tool changer to switch bits and drills out automatically. It is a pain getting the swapped out bit to the same Z-height as the previous bit, and this causes some height problems with the cuts. So, I'm embarking on a new journey to see if I can come up with an automatic tool changer for the IG-88. I should note that I would rather eat glass than do machine work, but I just have to keep the final result in mind. This tends to ease the pain of standing in front of the lathe and watching it throw metal flakes all over :)

Phase Three: Not much machine work to go!! Yeah! (11/07/04)

Phase Two: More painful machine work. How do you cut two tapers so they match up? (10/23/04)

Phase One: Initial machine work on the spindle. (10/18/04)