Building the Home Brew Linear Bearing (HBLB)


After searching all over the web and on Ebay for linear bearings, I became disgusted with the price. I can't believe that even used, banged up bearings are selling for such a huge price. So, I set out to make my own and offer these to other home cnc enthusiasts who want a bearing that is cost effective, comparable to commercial linear bearings in smoothness, and is rebuildable to increase the lifespan and versatility of the bearing.

A 3d model of the part that had me stumped for so many months. It seems so simple now...


DXF CAD file here

HBLB-34 will be used on the new IG-88 CNC router!

Here is what I learned and how I built the HBLB.

Attempt Zero

First Attempt

Second Attempt

Third Attempt

Fourth Attempt

Fifth Attempt

Sixth Attempt

Seventh Attempt, Success!

Abec bearing specs

Prototype 4 is looking promising!