HBLB-34 Linear Axis Setup


The HBLB-34 linear bearing glides effortlessly on readily available round cold rolled steel shaft and was in fact designed to use CRS. However, there is a quite noticeable improvement in smoothness if you use ground stainless shafting. The price for stainless steel is quite a bit more than for cold rolled steel, but if you can afford the stainless, I highly recommend it.

HBLB-34 Tech Specs:

These dimensions are not exact. They are based on the cad drawing of the model, but due to the loss of foam during the cnc hot wire cutting process, the actual casting will be slightly smaller.


You can have a complete axis set up in no time at all with the HBLB-34 linear bearing.


Here you can see how my intermediate shaft supports provides support for those requiring more than 24" of travel.


This helps eliminate flex in the longer axis runs.


In the next generation HBLB, I'll trim the edges of the lower legs to allow more clearance for the ISS.


Here you can see how the foam SES and ISS are test fit to make sure everything is working correctly. Another great benefit of using the lost foam casting process.


This is a 3' rail setup that will become the testbed for the ISS.


A nice shot of the cluster of SES's that I recently cast.


After cooling the SES cluster with water, the plaster shell just falls off.


Another shot of a typical HBLB-34 axis setup.


Simple to assemble and adjust, the HBLB-34 linear bearing provides a simple, smooth and affordable axis setup.


You can have your cnc router project rolling in no time with the HBLB-34!