Building the TK421 CNC Router


Tech Specs

X Travel: 15" 
Y Travel: 11" 
Z Travel: 4"  
Lead Screws: 3/8-16 Stainless Steel allthread 
Motors: Nema23 4.6a 2.2v
Controller: 4 Axis Unipolar
Power Supply: 24v 30a
Resistors: 5ohm 100w
Jog Rate: 28ipm 

TK-421 gets an upgrade: new 150 oz/in motors! (09/27/03)

Phase Eight: It's Alive! (04/13/03)

Phase Seven: Casting the Z-axis carriage. (04/05/03)

Phase Six: Building the Z-axis. (03/22/03)

Phase Five: Building the AB-nut. (03/10/03)

Phase Four: miscellaneous parts. (03/08/03)

Phase Three: Y-axis. (03/07/03)

Phase Two: Base Plate and X-axis cross piece. (03/01/03)

Phase One: X-axis. (02/05/03)