First Brass Melt


Well, it was raining in Sacramento on Saturday and I had lots of painting to do, so, I pulled R2 into the garage to use as a heater while I painted base board for our house. After running R2 for a hour or so, the garage was a toasty 75 degrees, so I figured I might as well take advantage of a blazing hot smelter and do a little melting. So I scrounged around the junk pile and found some brass fittings and door knobs and piled it into the crucible. About 10 minutes later, I had a bright yellow pool of molten brass that was ready for the pour. Here is what it looked like.

R2 makes a nice heater with the top off!


R2 was nearly white hot during this melt. After running the smelter for 2.5 hours, I thought I was going to have a nuclear meltdown in my garage. The paint dried very quickly though.


The molten brass right after the pour. Don't try this unless you have plenty of ventilation because the brass vapors can be toxic.


The crucible cooling down to red hot after I poured the brass.


I made two brass rods by pushing a broom handle into the Petrobond sand. Later, I'll do a bit of machining to clean up the pieces.