Since 2001

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KLX250s mods ALL NEW!

Arcsin 3-Axis Bipolar Microstepping Driver

River Raft (Spring 2009)

Clearance Holes

American River Water Blaster

Building a home-made hot-air rework pen (Winter 2006)

A new chemical pump for the PCB etchant tank (Winter 2005)

"Modus" Three Axis Servo Driver/Amplifier (Winter 2005)

Electric Go-Kart for the kids (and me) (Spring 2005)

Circuits that I routinely use

PIC micro-controller based optical-encoder with LCD display. (Winter 2003)

4-Axis CNC Joystick Controller. (Fall 2003)

4-Axis Bipolar Driver with integrated joystick controller. (Spring 2003)

"Pikeresque" 4 axis unipolar driver for the TK-421 CNC mill. (Spring 2003)

An oldie but a goodie: Building the fine downfeed for my Harbor Freight Mill/Drill (Summer 2001)

High Frequency Arc Stabilizer (Spring 1999)