RiverRaft Phase 2


I found a really cool program for creating a "fish mouth" stencil for cutting two tubes to mate with each other. After a failed attempt with the 3" hole saw and my drill press, I decided it was time to give this program a try. It really is amazing and works just perfectly. Give it a try!


I printed the stencil out on card stock and then used it to make the 20 or so pipes that make up the starboard truss.


Hack up the pipes with the multi-cutter and start the stenciling process.


Here you can see how the stencil wraps around the pipe. Very cool!


A bit of tracing with the sharpie and that is all it takes.


The radius is as close to a perfect 3" that I could get while cutting these out with a brand new pair of Wiss left-cutting-offset sheet metal snips.


Another view.


Jesse gives the truss a stess test. I jumped up and down on it too and although it did flex a bit with all of my 160lbs on it, it did not bend.


The truss is just tacked together and I still need to spend some time welding up all the joints.


Now...on to the port side truss!