RiverRaft Phase 3


Who are those fabulous fabricators?


Paul and I just hanging out finishing up a few welds on the port truss before we do a mock up on the lawn.


Laying down a fine aluminum bead. Definitely not space shuttle quality welds, but plenty adequate for a river raft.


Get a glimpse of the excellent Lincoln HD 3200. An incredible machine for the money and I highly recommend it for weekend warriors like myself.


If you were in the dark before, you should now be able to visualize just how much of a monstrosity this thing really is. In case you were wondering, my Toyota Corolla would easily be able to park on top of this thing. I'm not sure the pipe structure would hold it, but it would fit with room to spare.


It took us a good 30 minutes or so of tinkering to figure out how to lay out the deck support structure. I think we have it now but we are going to need a huge load of pipe to finish this thing off. Fortunately our good farmer friend is expecting us to come down and get the rest of the stack.


A lashing on the mock up to see how the deck support was going to go together. Something we are really striving for is portability on this thing. We need to be able to disassemble it and store it in a convenient location after the trip. So it is taking a bit more engineering effort to make something that is structurally sound yet easy to assemble on the edge of the river.


And there you have the "key" piece. Fortunately we documented the entire engineering and design session with a sharpie and a piece of plywood. Primitive, yet effective.