RiverRaft Phase 4




It was a fine day for some raft fabrication, so we went for it. Yeah, we were supposed to float the raft this weekend, but we were a little behind schedule. We laid it all out on the lawn and, incredibly, it went together quite well.


Yes we were thankful for the shade of these nice trees as it was a bit hot. This definitely reinforces the necessity for having some kind of shade structure on the raft for the maiden voyage.


Seeing your idea shape up really is cool. We started dreaming about this thing over 6 months ago, and now after 4 or 5 weekends of work, the idea is taking shape!


Portability being the key here, we now were able to fully understand how nice it was to be able to move the pieces into position and assemble the monstrosity.


Paul and I were able to easily lift the entire raft frame...minus the barrels and the plywood.


Paul is working it here. I am so thankful to have another guy to help motivate me. This project would have taken a couple of years to complete rather than a couple of months if I was working on it by myself.


Engineered to perfection in a laboratory environment, strong as an ocean liners hull, and ready for the roughest of seas...


We even amazed ourselves at how cool and structurally sound the monstrosity turned out to be.


We couldn't resist throwing two sheets of plywood on top to see how the deck would look. Still have to paint the sheeting with the $5 per gallon mismatch paint we scored at Lowes.


Different view of the deck.


I could tell you why we have this on our site, but what fun would that be?