Building the Arcsin 3-axis bipolar stepper motor driver


Welcome to the Arcsin development page. The purpose of this page is to give you some idea as to the amount of work it took for me to get the new Arcsin into production. I've lost track of how many hours I've worked on the design, but it has taken several years of part time work to get to this point.

One of the things that amaze me is the number of software tools that I have used to develop this incredible product. Having so many powerful tools at my disposal makes me think back about how products used to be developed before there were computers and software tools to help with the task. Everything had to be hand drawn, re-drawn, re-thought, re-worked and rebuilt until something worked. One would think that with all of this technology that we would be able to work smarter and more efficiently...maybe, maybe not.

Here is my list of all of the SW tools that I used for the creation of Arcsin:

Changes from the original Arcsin to the new Arcsin:

Well, I've been building the first batch of boards for a couple of days now. So I thought I should probably stop and take a pic or two of some of the neat colors that are on the board. It takes lots of small pieces to make an Arcsin and here is a shot of some of them.

Arcsins are starting to stack up now. I'm still waiting on the first batch of housings from the fab shop and then I'll start boxing them up. Building the boards in panels of 4 has really helped cut down on assembly time, but there are still a lot of parts that have to be hand soldered to the boards to finish them off once they come off the pick and place machine.

This was just a cool shot so I had to share.

There were lots of other phases to get the new Arcsin into production, but I was so wrapped up in debugging and design, I didn't take the time to document all of them.

Fab C: Arcsin progress! (01.11.2008)

Fab D refinements: Opto Isolation messed up! (01.29.2008)

Arcsin Housing Design (02.6.2008)

Housing first Prototype (05.15.2008)

Fab H: Production worthy at last!!!(06.19.2009)