Phase 6: Modus makes it's first servo move!


Well, here we go! After a zillion hours trying to figure out how to enable the hardware USART, the Modus comes to life! The CCS compiler didn't seem to like it when I tried reading from the RS-232 port inside an interrupt service routine, so I had to dig into the registers and configure it myself. Lots of assembly code, lots of debugging with MPLab ICD2, lots of frustration, saddness, crying, and then sudden joy when the Modus made it's first servo move!


Here is a shot of the current limiter value being displayed on the serial LCD. I've still got a bit of work to do on the limiter circuitry, but it coming along nicely!


The H-bridge board has gone through several design iterations already, and I expect a few more before it's all over and the Modus is controlling my Bridgeport. (Don't have a Bridgeport yet either.)


The Modus driving a large scooter motor that my buddy Ed sent me. There is no encoder on the motor, but it was good for testing the current limiter because this sucker draws some serious current.


The only way to talk to the Modus right now is via the command line, but I have already started on a nice GUI that will provide all of the necessary configuration and movement controls.