Phase 7: Engineering/Component Selection


I've been spending a considerable amount of time in the evenings over the last two weeks selecting components for the Modus. I'm having some trouble finding SMT parts for their through-hole counterparts though, so the Modus may end up being a mix of both SMT and through-hole parts. Cost is another issue. There is a fine balance between board size and component prices.

Some of the trouble that I'm running into is that I have no idea what SMT part I'm selecting because I don't know what footprint the name represents. So, this page is mainly for my reference as I dig through components looking for the correct package and footprint for the PCB layout.

The rest of my time on the Modus has been spent running through all the formulas in the data sheets making sure that I have selected the correct components for this application. The first prototype should reveal any mistakes in the form of a small cloud of smoke!