3-axis bipolar microstepping motor driver with integrated joystick control!


Arcsin features:

Download and read the Arcsin Manual here: Arcsin Manual

turbocnc.ini file for v3.1 that I use with my Arcsin: turbocnc.ini

13 meg movie of the Arcsin screamin' in 1/4 step mode with three bipolar motors. Arcsin movie

Arcsin Owners who have sent me pics of their setup: Arcsin Owners

A temporary way to connect Home/Limit/Estop and spindle motor control to your Arcsin here

Wiring up your power supply kit for use with the Arcsin here

The Arcsin IO Card development is underway! here

Ahhh Yeahhhh!!! The first cuts with the Arcsin controller!!!


The dual drives are almost ready to go. Now you can run 2 motors on the same axis!!

Prototype 2, this is IT!

Prototype 1 is looking good!

Arcsin fab C design and construction

Arcsin fab B design and construction

Arcsin fab A design and construction

Arcsin FAQ: