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Other great tinker sites

John Kleinbauer's inspirational site 

Steve Manzer's CNC Page 

Frank Gombik's Workshop 

Martin de Roode's CNC Engraving machines 

Miguel's hobby page 

Robert's DIY go-kart page 

Surplus stuff and supplies

Surplus Sales 

Excess Solutions 

Brigar Electronics 

ESI: Electronics Surplus Inc 

Action Electronics 

Automation Direct 


Futurelec Electronics and PCB 

Cascade Surplus 

H&R surplus stuff 

American Science and Surplus 

MPJA online  

Jameco Electronics  

MECI Surplus 

All Electronics Surplus 

Alltronics Surplus 

Skycraft parts and surplus  

EOL Surplus 

LDMC Surplus 

Mouser Electronic Components 

Electronics Goldmine 


Programming stuff

Programming Resources 

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