PRoCONG v.1.0

Powerful Randomly Created Organization Name Generator


Having problems with your high-tech vocabulary? Can't think of a high tech name for your company? Interested in impressing others despite the fact that you have no idea what you are talking about? Then PRoCONG is for you!

Download Version 1.0 for Windows 9x/NT written in MS Visual Basic here: PRoCONG v.1.0

You may need the Visual Basic Library msvbvm60.dll if you are using Windows 95. Save it in c:windowssystem

ALL NEW Version 1.2 NOW PORTED TO JAVA so it will run in your browser!! PRoCONG_v.1.2 For Java

The underlying database that PRoCONG uses can be filled with words of your choice, and the fun only gets better with more creative words.

PRoCONG evolved from the fun that my brother and I and several friends had while trying to come up with the strangest combination of high tech words. PRoCONG simplifies that process by creating the phrases automatically.